My Fave Pair of Pants

Being a girl on the go, I always wear pants, jeans, slacks capri or even shorts. I am a jeans person that is why. I am very self conscious if I am wearing skirt or dress. My husband really encourages me to do so especially when we go to church but still I prefer to wear tailored pants or slacks rather than in dress. I even have a favorite pair of pants that everytime I do my laundry this pants is present. I bet if this pants' of mine can talk, it will curse me to death for subjecting it to the heat of the washing machine and dryer all the time. This pants is my all time favorite Dockers pants.

Speaking of Dockers, do you know that there is a contest going on at NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno about the Dockers contest? This contest is about making a Dockers commercial featuring your pants' story. You have to make a short video of it and submit it through the website of Tonight Show. The winner of this Dockers contest will then be aired during the show. So how about joining the contest? It is very easy to join and the reward will be a one of a kind chance of having a commercial slot in a late night show.


Sponsored by Dockers



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