Back to the Changing Table

Yes now I put our DD back in her changing table everytime I change her. She now realize that if she move too much she will fall off and it's high. I observed when I change her on the bed she have a whole lot of space to move around. But on the changing table it is limited. When she move too much she will hit her head on the side as well as on the top. So I have less struggle now. I let her sit or stand and there is less movements than when we are on the bed. I guess this is part of her growing up and beginning understanding of consequence.



geri said...

Evan is turning 2 but our changing table still comes in handy esp during the morning and before he goes to bed changes. A lot of times I just change him on the floor in whatever room he is playing as long as he doesn't have dirty diaper. You are right, it IS easier and kinder to your back when using the changing table.

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