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My parents 50th wedding anniversary will be this coming June but my sisters are arranging for their renewal of vows to be held in December. They wanted that all of us will be present. This is something that me and my husband is also planning for this year. Anyways, aside from the wedding rings that they wanted us to get for my parents, my sister also asked me to look for a bridal shawl for my Mom preferably an organza silk. I found one at and I can order a monogrammed one with my Mom's initials. I love the shawl and it's not really pricey.

This site where I found the shawl is very neat. You can find all of the things you need for weddings. You can find Custom Crystal Attire at as well as wedding favors, dresses for the entourage, tiaras, veils, bridal wraps, bouquets, cake toppers, bridal slippers, shoes and many more. They also have accessories for weddings and if you are planning of bridal shower, you can find bright ideas in their website. As a bride, you can also sign up for a registry. I will let my sisters look and browse the site and they can tell me what they need so we will just order it online. I hope they can decide soon.



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