Birthday Countdown

I am now doing birthday countdown for our little girl. How time flies. She grows like a weed. It seems like I just blink my eyes and there she is learning to walk and soon to become independent. We will not be having a party on her birthday since our Daddy is not here. Both of us will be celebrating our natal day and we will just celebrate it when hubby is here hopefully next month. I don't know yet what I will do. I may just have to get a birthday cake for her. It is sad that Daddy will not be here but we can't do anything about it.



Jean Chia said...

Blessed Birthday to yr little gal! :)

Jean Chia

eastcoastlife said...

I wish your daughter a happy birthday! :)

Tess said...

Bless, i agree, how fast time flies no? parang kailan lang. TY for dropping by.... ayuayo!

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