Scare Me with Horror Movie

Eversince I was a kid I am really scared watching horror movies. If they are playing horror film I will bring a pillow and if it's the thrilling or suspense part I would cover my face with the pillow and from time to time peeking out. My Mom used to tell me not to watch if I am only going to cover my eyes. I have seen a lot of thriller and horror movie but honestly I haven't watch it properly because I am covering my face. I remember me and hubby went to the theater and watch a suspense, thriller movie and when scary scenes came on I really jump off my seat that my husband laughs at me.

Now I am hearing this very scary, bloody horror movie Frontier(s) movie. I heard that it is very controversial because of its horrid and gory scenes. I checked the Trailer and boy, even the trailer gave me the creeps. I don't know if I can watch it alone. This movie is the bloodiest film I have ever known. It will be in selected theaters for a week on May 9th and the DVD will be released on May 13th. The Frontier(s) really creates controversy because of its harrowing scenes. That is why they are on selected theaters only because of its extreme gore details. It is uncut, uncensored and unrated since the movie should be shown as is to really show its original content of a truly harrowing movie. I am telling you, just by looking at the trailer really makes me cringe. If you have a hard stomach, you can see this movie. Check out on their webpage for select theaters near you.

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bing said...

not much of a horro movie enthusiast anymore. dont know what happened to me cuz in college i love watching horror movies!

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