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I prefer buying clothes or any apparel that are quality but of course not hard on our pocket. We are using it all the time to protect our body so might as well get something that we know we will feel good. This is why I love Dockers apparel. Their products are made of fine and quality materials. Me and hubby own some and I can't say anything against the products, they really last long.

Speaking of this Dockers line, there is a Dockers Commercial contest that is going on at This Dockers contest allows all those that have stories about their favorite pants. If you have a story, you can make a small video commercial about it and submit it at in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Your video commercial will then be voted along with the other submissions. Once you win, your work will have the chance to be aired at Jay Leno's show. Isn't it great?

As a matter of fact I already checked out the tv commercial submission and quite a few that I am impressed with and I have this video. This is really fun to do if you are very creative. You can not only say to the world how you like you favorite Dockers pants but also debut your tv ad creation in a very popular show. So join this Dockers contest now, read the submission rules, get the camera rolling and submit your tv commercial.

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