New Template

Wow for the longest time I decided to change template in this blog. I had my old template since 2005 so I guess it is time for me to have another one. The image in this template truly depicts my status right now, a woman juggling too many roles in life; taking care of the household, motherhood, work, and anything in between. Although I feel the toxic sometimes I still feel contented and happy because I have a wonderful family and very supportive friends here, in the Philippines as well as in the blogsphere.



Raquel said...

Yay, nice one mads! Keep it up.

Domain nalang kuwang. Pag ma PR0 na gani ning blogspot, go na dayon sa domain.

LadyJava said...

I really love this new template.. and when I saw where you got it from.. i thought.. no wonder.. Chic and Sassy really does great work..


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