High Chair Drama

I remember the first time we let her sit on this high chair. She can't sit yet on her own that time so we strapped her in with the seat belt. I remember I made an entry about it here. Now that she is very mobile everytime I let her sit on this high chair she will cry if I put the belt on. She will pull it and if I will not unbuckle her she will be fidgety on her sit and will refuse her food. She really know what she wants now. So when I feed her, since I am with her I will not put the seat belt on or else we will be fighting during feeding time :-)



tkwi said...

It just gets worse as they get older. Welcome to the terrible twos!!

poray said...

naarte na pala anak mo girl? lol..anakis ko pgkatapos kumain tinatanggal ang tray ng high chair nya sabay tapon..hays! buti n lng ok lng sa knya khit my belt..

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