I Don't Want Porridge

My Mom told me before to make porridge (lugaw) for our DD. I tried it and she ate it good but now she refused to eat it. I put little strips of chicken in her porridge she still don't want to take it. But if I feed her the chicken she will eat it. So what I did I tried giving her the steamed rice with a little of chicken and she ate real good. So I think she is starting to eat like a big baby now. This means goodbye to jar baby foods. Now I need to surf online or even buy a cookbook that teaches what to cook for toddlers. Any suggestions Mommies?



J@n!ce said...

Hi Bless, you may try some macroni for your gal too. My boys love it :)

geri said...

Cooking for a toddler can be a challenge but once you get a sense of their likes and dislikes it will be fun and motivating for you. And it's offering them a certain food 10x even if they refuse at first. Also if they show initial dislike it is not always about the taste or texture. Does Shiloh like yogurt?

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