I Think She Don't Like Dresses

Yesterday I was thinking of going out so I changed my little girl. I decided to let her wear a dress since its not really cold outside. After I put on the dress she was grabbing it like pulling it off. She then became fidgety. I was teasing her saying, "Oi she's wearing a dressy". She gave me a shy smile but still she is pulling the dress. Hmm I am wondering she may not like to wear a dress.

On the other hand, I am thinking that she may just not use to wearing one. Everyday she is wearing long pants at home or when we go out. I let her wear long pants because she is crawling. The friction on her skin with the carpet can tear her skin so I just wanted to protect her knees. Once she can already walk I will let her wear dress all the time so she will not abhor it later on :-)



haze said...

Let her keep wearing dress and eventually she will like it.

How are you?

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