Reuse-able Vases

This mother's day most of us will buy flowers for our Moms and husbands gives flowers to their wives as well. But what best it is to give flowers that are not wilted and still look fresh in time of the occasion, isn't it? And also give our Moms the comfort of not making it a problem where to put the flowers in. There is a solution for this and it is the Jill-able fill me up vases. Check this out below:It is a plastic and reusable that holds flowers like a vase. Using it is very simple just like any other vase. Fill with water and put the flowers in and voila you have a cute flower vase. I like this innovation because this plastic vase is made of recyclable materials. You are putting the flower in an environment friendly vase. If you are not using it, just pour out the water and it will lay flat. Storing it is not a problem since it will not take too much of your cabinet space or wherever you want to keep it. This is really cool and great gift for mom! If you are going to give flowers I am suggesting to give this reuse-able vases. I am sure your love ones will love it and thank you for the gift. I myself like to have one. So get it now at If you order before Mother's day you will receive 2 free vases; 3 vases for a price of 1, you can't beat that!

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Ratu Syura said...

My mom lovesss vases! I think we've given her a vase for almost every occasion! hehe..

btw, came from RHD.. thanks for dropping by my blog the other day! cheers!

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