I Wanna Visit Chicago

I have been to New York and I love the city. It is very chic and so upbeat. I wanted to go back there again because the last time we were there we did not do so much. We did sightseeing tours but for me it is still not enough. I want to see more of the different places and see the nice shops. I also want to see a show in the Broadway. I also want to enjoy what the city that never sleeps can offer during night time. I know there are so many things to do in New York that is why I need to visit the city again.

Another city I wanted to visit is Chicago. I have friends that live there and I hope to see them one day. They said that Chicago things to do includes going to the Botanic garden, visiting the north and south side shore, Segway night and day tour, the dining out at cruise ship and much more. It is one of the cities here in the US also that I really want to see.

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