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Got tagged by Mommy Juliana.

Here are the rules:

Post a photo of your baby with her/his first ever favorite/comfort toy. Write some details of your fondest memory of your baby and her toy (like what I did below). This will make a good memento when your baby grows up!

Lastly, before you pass this on to six mommies, don’t forget to add the link to your website's at the end of the page. I’m sure many moms would love to see your sites, too!

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Our DD don't give a sign yet to any affinity with her toys. Although right now what she likes to play as I noticed are the following: (I took the pics months ago but she still love playing the same toys)

Her toy piano

Her little pink ball. I bought her big green one haven't took a pic of it. She loves rolling it around.

And all these toys on the floor with her, books which she still likes to bite, the spinning thing, the shape o box and the drive around town toy.

I am tagging Mommies Merydith, Vicky, Shiela, Recel and Ritchelle.



Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Mommy Bless...

Thanks for doing the tag. I hope you're having a good weekend.

Little Shiloh is adorable....


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