ReStyle Me

I love watching fashion magazines as well as fashion shows on television. I think if you are a woman you will be interested in all of this. Every season we keep checking out what is the newest fashion trend and some tends to follow whatever is new. Not necessarily become a fashion victim but just being in the zone where you keep up with what's hot and what's not. We often look at celebrities as our guide in fashion trend. Since they are the ones that always hit the red carpets, fashion gala, and the runways. But I am always wondering where we can go to check out one's style and get advice, then I found out about RestyleMe. is a style advice website. This will enable you to rate or vote other people's style or fashion sense. This site is very unique compared to other photo rating sites. You can rate other's style here on different categories such as hair, clothing, make-up and etc. It is not just a simple 1-10 rating stars. The voters can pinpoint which exactly they wanted to make comment on. They can exactly put a mark to which part of the person in photo needs changing or restyling. This is very neat because real people gives the feedback. If you want to ask style advice, you can join here for free. This really is great if you need to improve your style and wants to have a make over. Join now!



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