This week went by so quick. I love it :-) Well, today we went out to do some errands and a little of grocery shopping. I have to go out today and not tomorrow because I know stores will be very packed on weekend since it is Mother's day weekend. Just now when I went to Walmart there's a lot of people already how much more tomorrow. The weather is nice and it's not so windy. Our DD enjoys the nice weather as much as I do. She loves the outdoor as I observed. She keep on inhaling the fresh air :-) If tomorrow will be sunny, we will go for a walk around our complex :-)

Happy Friday everyone!



LadyJava said...

Just wanted to let you know, you're the featured blog at Social Spark too.. hurry if you want to see coz it will only be up there for a while...:)

Princess Vien said...

u're tagged..

have a great weekend..

JO said...

Happy Mother's day Bless!

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