Stark Museum of Art

Do you love art? Are you fond of visiting museums? I am. I am an art loving person. I like visiting museums and see art displays. I am not really well versed with different collections of art from all over the world and different era but I am very willing to learn. I was told that at Orange, Texas there is an art Museum that focuses on the art of American West as well as American Indian Art. This is the Stark Museum of Art.

This Museum started by the vision of mother and daughter, H.J. Lutcher Stark and Miriam Lutcher Stark. They are art collectors that decided to showcase and share the beauty of their passion to other people hence this Museum was established. All of their art collections that depicts mostly of American West comprises of decorative items, furniture, sculpture, print arts like rare books and manuscripts, paintings and more. It is a very noble cause opening up such a great venue of developing people's knowledge in art and literature in this modern time.

The Stark Museum has a lot to offer. It can be an educational venue for schools who wanted to introduce to their students about art. They accept tours and offers programs such as lectures, discussions and anything that involves enhancement of knowledge in art. They use all their art collections as the object of educational endeavor. This helps also teachers and researchers in giving their students the best art knowledge as well as research visuals.

So if you come by to Orange, Texas don't forget to pay the Stark Museum of Art a visit. It is a must see. You can also check out their schedule for displays and exhibitions. They have in their website different schedules including past, present and future exhibits. Be knowledgeable in art and explore what this great Stark Museum has to offer.



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