Worlds Greatest Moms

Janice gave me this greatest Mom ribbon. This is my second year to celebrate motherhood and I am loving it. Thank you Janice for remembering me.

I am also recognizing the greatest Mom I knew here in the blogsphere:

Merydith, Recel, Shiela, Ritchelle, Lanie, Rosit, Ethel, Juliana, Geri, Yen, Annie, Agring, Ana P.S., Raquel, Mimi, Lutchi, Jo, Carlota, Sexymom, Lisa, Evi and Jo.

And to all those that I forgot to mention HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!



Roxiticus Desperate Housewives said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Look at me, smiling out from your EntreCard would not BELIEVE what goes on here at night while you're sleeping. What happens with Roxy stays with Roxy, though, so I won't tell.

Thanks for letting me "advertise" on your blessed blog, and have a terrific day.


JO said...

Thanks Bless!!!

[advance] Happy mother's day to you too!

Sexymom said...

SIs, I am tagging you here, kakaumpisa pa lang to kaya mas maganda na jo-join ka rin.

Here's the link.

Merydith said...

Thank you Bless. Tudloi unya ko aning EntreCard ha. :o)

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