Clean and Save Energy

Everything is high nowadays. As the gas price sky rockets everyday, the more basic commodities also go up in prices. I think all of us are taking measures on how to cut back our consumption not only in our daily budget for food but most of all in energy. There are things at home that I usually do daily but have to schedule it because I need to save. One of these is using appliances that consume too much of energy. Before I vacuum every other day but sometimes daily especially if there is too much traffic at home, I also do my laundry twice a week and iron all of our clothes. Now that the energy is soaring high I only vacuum once or twice a week, laundry once a week and iron only clothes that we use to go out.

This is really absurd. I need to get appliances that are sealed or approved as Energy Star. I heard about this new Dirt Devil AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac that are cordless. These are the first cordless cleaning technology that earned the Energy Star approval. This uses less time in charging, uses 70% less energy compared to others and has less waste. Owning this very handy piece of appliance can greatly help in reducing our energy consumption. Since we need another cleaning vacuum, I will definitely choose this Dirt Devil AccuCharge vacuum.
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