Criss Angel Believe

I am an avid fan of Criss Angel. I used to watch his show on tv at A&E channel when we were still in GA last year. I have been looking on it by surfing our channel guide but unsuccessful. Me and hubby loves to watch how he did his magic so amazingly. He is one of the famous modern illusionists nowadays. His skills is different from the traditional illusionist like Harry Houdini in the sense that it surpasses beyond the preconceived notion of mystery and illusion. I also noticed that his modern skills is more risky as what CRISS ANGEL Believe performance is talking about.

CRISS ANGEL Believe is the new Cirque Du Soleil show wherein his illusions skills and performances will be seen at Luxor Las Vegas. Criss Angel have been performing in Las Vegas and other parts of the world but I think this is the first time I heard about his appearance at Cirque Du Soleil. This show showcase the wild imagination and mysterious imaginative mind of Criss Angel interwoven into an astounding theatrical drama. I would love to see this show one day. If you happen to go to Vegas this is something to check out for. If you want to get a free ticket, you can join the current Text Message contest by texting the code "Believe" to 22122 and you will get 2 free tickets.

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