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Look how messy her little corner here. I now have the dilemma of where to store some of her toys when not in use. I already sorted out the toys that are old and put it away. We don't have enough storage to store it. I wanted to put it in her room but she always play her toys in our main living area. It is very tedious to bring it out and bring it back to her room. Some of the blocks and shape toys are scattered all over the living room to the kitchen. I am the one putting it away all the time. I wish we have a separate room wherein it will be solely for her to play.



J@n!ce said...

I have a toy's room for the kids & will confine them to play within there so that the toys will not be "flying" all over the house :)

However, its really tough & newly purchased toys has got missing parts ;)

Lanie Pfeiffer said...

imong play area is much, much cleaner than mine. :D from our great groom to thier bedrroms! toys are all over. hasta basement. :D Anyway, though of stopping by.

Lou said...

Bless ganyan talaga yan...don't worry about it.


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