First Time at the Park

I am the one who was more excited when hubby told me that we are going to attend their battalion's picnic. It's because its our DD's first time and I am excited to know how she's going to behave in the playground. I am curious if she will be delighted or what not. I am really glad that she was very happy and elated especially when I put her in the swing. It was her first time to sit in the swing for babies by herself and every time I pushed her slowly she got excited and laugh. It is such a joy to know that she is enjoying herself.

Above are our pictures taken inside the playground. I was enjoying at the swing too. Our Daddy was our photographer. I wanted us to have our pictures altogether but he was standing outside the fence. We will surely go back there at that park and let her enjoy the swing again.



Mummy Sheng said...

lovely photos! it sure seems a nice family day out!

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