Laughing Out Loud

I am an avid Reader of Reader's Digest. When I was in the Philippines I always read it because my aunt has been subscribing on it. When I came here in the US I also subscribe. Until now I am still getting my subscription. I love reading it because it has a lot of interesting stories but most of all I like reading the jokes. Their Laughter is the Best Medicine segment is really very funny and reading every joke will really make your day. I forgot what issue was that when they have jokes about men in uniform and I can't help but laugh at it. Now I learned that now only you can read it on their magazine but also you can access it through the internet with the RD Laughs Main at
If you are bored or need a good laugh, you can check them out and see Funny Cartoons just like this picture above. Just by looking and browsing through the different funny pictures you can't help but smile. They also have Stand-up Videos of different comedians. Do you know that you can also submit a joke and have the chance to win $100 or submit a funny photo and it will be rated by readers? Now I will not wait to read jokes with my subscription, I can log into it and read jokes everyday. If you always put humor to yourself it will make you feel young and stress free that is why there is the saying that Laughter is the Best Medicine. So sign up for the Joke RSS feeds as well as Laughs newsletter of so you can receive jokes all the time.

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