When We See Daddy

Yes our Daddy is already here and we are very happy. When all the soldiers marched inside the Soldiers Field House it was a very emotional moment. It feel so surreal. All the families present were cheering and you can really feel the emotions that each of the people who gathered are feeling. Shiloh was asleep in my arms when they all marched in. I feel blinded by the men in uniform coming in that I did not recognize where my husband is. Then the last batch of soldiers came in and there I saw our beloved Daddy. We were waving our flags and shouting "Daddy". He easily saw us because we were at the very front. We were not able to go to them because there was a short ceremony. Then when the General said dismiss the soldiers were just standing on their line and all the family members run to them and everyone was crying, laughing, hugging and kissing.



JeFf & NoVa said...

Hmmmmmmmmm... i can imagine how emotional the place during that day..

and i'm sure that you do are excited to see your "daddy" bless... likewise his feeling towards sa kanyang mag-ina...

i'm glad na makasama na rin kayo...

Mimi said...

Makahilak pod ta ani Bless. Ma imagine ra jud nako unsa ka emotional ang scene but I am so happy for you that your husband is already here. Dili jud mabaylo ang kalipay nga imo ma feel. Thank You God for keeping these soldiers safe and sound. Take care always. God bless the Johnson family!

Shinade said...

Welcome home soldier. My son in law just got home last month.

I am so happy to see that you too made it home safe and sound!!

What a marvelous share.....I have tears....because I know what this means to you and your family.

I am so grateful to your wife for posting this.

BTW...your family is beautiful!!

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