Prime Brokerage Services

My husband is trying to diversify his investment and he needs to seek for a reliable brokerage services that will help him in consolidating his account with the different investment companies that he wanted to invest into. He is not really well versed yet with the ropes and ends of investing and I believe with the help of a trusted broker or securities company he will be properly guided. When I searched about brokerage services, I bumped into Triad Securities that is handling also a Prime Brokerage services. Their website is They have very informative website and I learned a lot through them.

This Prime Brokerage service of Triad Securities offers services that will enable clients to make use of several brokers while having only one account and the costumer can also receive one consolidated account statement. The Triad also prides their business by giving personalized service to their clients. They have the best and well trained prime brokerage specialists that tackles all the support needs, financing needs as well as international clearing needs of the customers. One thing that they also make sure is to give their clients personal support by having specialist that will answer their calls and questions. All the customers will be able to talk to live specialists not voicemail. This way, all the clients will not get frustrated because they will be able to directly hear solutions to their questions from live operators.



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