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Being a newbie wife and then a first time Mom doesn't come to me that easy. I really do have some up times and down times especially so that I have to deal a family life that is different from what I am accustomed to back in my home country. I am just glad that there are lots of resources where I can look for tips and guides on how to provide my family a happy, stress-free, and healthy environment. Most of all I love reading the Reader's Digest tips on healthy living at their RD.com - Family Life channel. I love reading it there and it gives insightful ideas and information on giving your family a well deserved household.

I also check out RD.com - Parenting guide all the time because there are many interesting parenting topics that I can relate to with as well as tips that I can get and apply. They have various articles too that comes in handy for first time Mommy like me. Since I wanted to create a fun and loving family atmosphere all the time, their Family Fun on a Budget article is very helpful especially summer season is approaching. I learned that you can still have a wonderful summer escapade even on a tight budget. Their tip, for me, is the most doable tips that all the family can do to give their kids a nice time without breaking the bank. So to all Mommies, you can check out RD.com and read on tips of how to give your family healthy and fun experiences daily.

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