Another Day

Another day had passed and we are still waiting for selection in one of the flights. This morning, as I have said in my other blog, there were two flights supposed to be. The bad thing was the other flight that took place around 8:40am was rerouted to Texas first before going to Hawaii. No one took the risk of going to that flight because there may be a possibility of staying there longer. So that leaves one flight only that took place around 10am. There were only 27 seats on this flight and again it did not reach to our slot. If only the first flight wasn't rerouted we could have been on the second flight. So our last option is to wait until tomorrow since there are 73 seats on it. If we will still be bumped off we already decided to go back home.



Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Bless...

Looks like di ka nakaka pag internet. I hope you're having a grand time wherever you are right now...Hawaii maybe?


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