I can't believe we waited this long here in California for a Space A flight to Hawaii. Yes we are somewhat stranded because we are always bumped off because there were only limited seats and there are lots of people waiting. We will wait until tomorrow and if not we are going to enjoy the rest of our stay here in California and go back home tomorrow. We already started our roaming around here and we went to San Francisco Port where I saw a market called Sur La Table and inside are shops of different origins especially food and wine. We went inside this wine store and saw this beautiful wine rack with wines that are very expensive. Then hubby saw this shirt with a print that says "Husband for sale to buy wine", which is very funny. Well, I am glad we still find a bit of humour with our situation.



Princess Vien said...

ei there.. check out my new blog..


JO said...

it is so hard to be on a waiting list especially if you have kids. glad everything turn out ok.

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