Off to Hawaii

I haven't been on the internet for five days and I am having withdrawals right now :-) We are heading to Hawaii and right now we are here in California waiting for our flight on Space A tomorrow. Hopefully we can be in the flight to Hawaii. We drove here in California on Sunday. The drive took for 11 hours. We left Washington at 7pm and arrived here around 9am Monday. We stopped many times since we have our DD. Space A travel is one of the benefits of the service member and dependents to hop on a military flight for free. We came here in Travis Air Force Base in CA because they have lots of flights and also we do some sightseeing here. If I can't visit you back guys pardon me but I will get back to all of you as soon as I can have a good internet connection.



EmmieR said...

Most of all in the world I would want to go to Hawaii because is a wonderful, almost a magical place to visit. The beauty of Hawaii comes from the mild tropical climate... mmm

Babette said...

Hi Bless, have a great time in Hawaii with your family. We just got back from a month-long vacation in Europe that's why I haven't bloghopped in a while. I also joined Entrecard so I dropped one here. :)

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