Tech Toys

I am wondering if later on our daughter will be addicted to playing computer games and other hi-tech toys and gadgets like playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii. I think if we don't have it and she won't start playing it she may not be into it. Although as parents we have that concern that we can't afford to deprive our kids to experience those things but I will just pray that we won't give in to her every demands. I believe that we need to discipline her as young as she is that she can't have all toys that she wants and she only get it if it can help her. I hope Mommies can share to me their views about this.



J@n!ce said...

We have PS3 at home but my boys are still too young to appreciate it. They are more of smashing the controllers on the floor.... sigh!!

JO said...

Try to put if off as long as you can. Once the kids see the electronics, they get hooked up.

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