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I have seen a lot of home videos being uploaded on the internet. I myself do it sometimes. I registered to some services that offers such but I haven't seen or heard anything like cash for videos. I did not know then that there is one way you can share your video and at the same time you can earn cash or win. Yes, this is through This is the new place to go now to upload all your videos. It is still the same where you can upload your videos and let people see it and they can make comment on it.

Viddiction is a new site but I am very sure they will be in the world wide web for long because their services is very user friendly and it really caters to all that wants to share their video creation. Their offering of cash for videos is unique and gives encouragement to users to make good videos that will catch the masses' attention. I surfed the uploaded videos and I have seen a lot that I like. The thing also that I like with Viddiction is how they set up your account. If you click on a certain video it will show the rest of the account holder's uploaded work. Very neat and so user friendly I would say.

So if you have your video creations and you want to share it to the world and at the same time earn from it, you can go to! It is very easy to join and no fee at all. The more videos you upload and submit the better to maximize your chance of winning. They will have winners in a monthly basis. This is the simple way of joining:

1.) Upload your videos
2.) Promote your videos
3.) Earn a Popularity Point with each view
4.) WE total up your Popularity Points at the end of the month
5.) YOU win! (prizes from $50-$500)

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