15 Month Old

Our Shiloh is 15 month old today. She is getting bigger and so fast like a weed. Yesterday she had her well baby check and so far everything is good. She also received four vaccine shots. Everytime she is poked with the needle it made my heart bleed too.

As I always discuss here in my blog that I have problem with her weight gain but I just let it be after seeing the developmental pediatrician and nutritionist who assured me that she is okay and she is just a small baby. Though the nutritionist gave me resources and meal plan for her and I think it does help because she is slowly gaining more weight.

The Pediatrician told me yesterday that everything is looking great. Her weight is now on the 20th percentile which I am glad since last month she was on the 10th. Her height is on the 40th percentile and her head circumference is on the 90th percentile. I am very glad and assured now that she is developing great despite the low numbers. For her milestones, she can do a lot now and most of all she is walking already. My goal now is to introduce more calories into her diet so she will gain more weight. We are proud of her and we are always praying to God that she will always have good health and grow to be a good person.



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