Who Needs Pool Repair?

A friend of ours have a swimming pool at their backyard. Before summer came she told me about having it cleaned and repaired because some of the pipes may have been clogged. I haven't talked to her since but I hope they have it repaired already. I found online where you can call for pool repair services. It is the Shasta Pools repair where they repair all types of pools and even pool pumps, motor and other pool accessories. They are your one stop shop for any swimming pool needs. Their website is shastapoolrepair.com.

I learned more that Shasta Pools go green already. This means that they patronize product that will help the environment. Their pump or tools are energy saver. So when you want your pool cleaned and repaired you will save money for energy consumption. There are many reasons why you need to contact them for your pool repair needs. Below are just few of the reasons aside from what I wrote above

  • Provides swimming pool repair services since 1978
  • Over 700,000 service calls run in the valley giving us solid experience
  • Expertise in new equipment installations including chlorination systems
  • Radio dispatch services for all areas of the valley
  • They have the ability to diagnose and repair it!
So check them out now and enjoy your pool for the rest of the summer.



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