About Islam

I am not new if you talk about Islam and our brothers and sisters Muslims because four years of my college life was spent in a university in a Muslim community. Before we graduate we have a class in History taking up about Islam. I learned a lot from that class and it really opened up my mind about the Muslim culture. We all know that talking about this subject is not really acceptable to some but I believe it is time that we all unite and take cognizance of the existence of our Muslim brothers and sisters and their great role in completing shaping the face of the earth. These roles include all aspects in human existence, history, economic, political, and religious and others. There is one website that talks about Kenya Islam and discussed about Islam as a whole. This website really gives comprehensive information about Islam and also gives its facts. If you are interested to learn and know more about Islam and Muslim culture you can check out unworthymuslim.com. At first I was intrigued by its name site. They have explanation about the site's name though. I know there are things that we need to understand to avoid conflict and their aim is to present the different facts in order to heal and bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians.



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