Saturday Fun

On Saturday we went out for what we planned at first to eat dinner in a buffet restaurant. Hubby said that he prefers to go to Applebee's because he don't want to eat a lot at the buffet :-) Then I saw Chukee Cheese near the mall and decided to go there instead since the last time we were there was in Georgia and our DD is still a tiny one that time.

These pictures above were taken at the mall's play area. It was her first time there. She was having fun looking at herself in the mirror. She is very happy when she sees herself in the mirror that she will kiss the mirror :-) She looks silly when she does it.

These pictures above were taken inside Chuckee Cheese. It is really a fun place for kids. Right now she is enjoying the rides because she can't play the different games yet. She loves looking at the kids playing. We sure will be back at the place once in a while.



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