Shiloh at the Concert

As I have said in my other blogs that we went to Seattle last Saturday. At the Seattle Center there was a free concert sponsored by one of the radio stations in Seattle the KEXP FM. Our DD had a great time. She can't stop walking around. When the people clap their hands she clap her hands too. She was enjoying the outside activity as much as we do.



J@n!ce said...

Shiloh is just so adorable. Look how much she has grown :)

Merydith said...

Sos ang malagotan lang nako ni Ryan if we go somewhere kay restricted kaayo na niya si Frankie kay mahadlok maka abala sa uban ba. Akong nalang maglagot kay di intawon maka patuyang ug lakaw. Ay di man sad ko mogokod hehehe.

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