Unknown ID Problem

When we had our home telephone installed we also bought the caller ID because I hate hearing the phone ringing and no number or name will appear. Still, there are unknown numbers showing. It is really very annoying. The phone even rings very early in the morning or late at night. How inconsiderate those people are, right? I keep complaining to my husband how to stop those people from calling us. Some will leave a recorded message in our answering machine and it is only 'spamming', I would say, our answering machine.

Because of this recurring and annoying phone calls I researched online if I can trace any phone number and see who are the owner of the number or if it belongs to some business establishments. I found out that TraceNumber.com can be used for phone number look up. They have the reverse lookup service to trace the owner of the number that appears in our telephone. This is something that we really need. This is available for United States and Canada phone number and unlisted telephone numbers. It can be used if you want to trace prank callers, telemarketers that you already declined and still keep calling back or any other annoying callers. This is definitely the answer to our problem.



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