Windows Vista Great for Business

My husband is now looking at switching to Windows Vista Ultimate. He has been telling me about it eversince it came out. When I told him to put off first he did. One thing that I want to wait is to check if it is really a good switch and also I want to hear more reviews on it. Another thing also is that our personal computer is still not equipped when it comes to its RAM capacity. Now that we are ready for the upgrade we are also ready to change our operating system from the current Windows XP to Windows Vista. I am loving our Windows XP right now it has features that I find very easy to use. Then when I saw from a friend's laptop the Vista I am now excited to switch.

Some of the features that really surpassed the XP are the increased compatibility with other applications. It supports more than 77,000 devices from printers, cameras, and other media devices. Windows Vista also has improved interphase and is very efficient especially in its business applications. The survey result that 70 percent have said that their work is more productive compared to using the Windows XP. It also has strong security that gives user the piece of mind knowing that their computer is protected from any spyware and malware. If you have this new OS Microsoft offers customer support to ensure smooth and problem-free usage of Windows Vista. I cannot wait to use this new operating system soon.

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