Eating Fruits

There are times that I am confused already of what to give for our daughter to eat. I am glad though that she does not show of being picky with food. I like to give her fruits but I am afraid of her choking especially with apples. So what I give her is the diced fruits from Gerber. I asked her Nutritionist and she said it's okay. She can finish one jar in one setting especially if its peaches, apples, and pears. For other fresh fruits she likes banana, water melon, grapes, and blueberries.

I am trying to transition her to eat by herself because I still feed her myself. If I let her she will end up throwing more than eating it. Last night I was cooking and I gave her celery. I was shocked when she eat it but I was watching her because she was gagging. I think the fiber made her choked and she's not used to eating it yet. But I am very glad that it adds up to the veggies that she will take to eat.



Lotus Flower said...

You know what, 39 years ago I had my third child. Do I seem antiquated :-)

Anyway, he was kind of picky and I tried giving him Gerber per the pediatrician's advice. No offense to Gerber, but I discovered it wasn't very good to be training him with said baby or similar food. Because he didn't want anything but Gerber anymore. Gerber smells so deliciously good, I ate it too :-) that it later becomes difficult to wean a child from it.

If you ask me, I would recommend fresh fruits and veggies anytime. What you can perhaps do is prepare it through a food processor.

I am sure she will enjoy it much like she enjoyed your celery.


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