The Fall Look

Now that it's already fall and the temperature is going cooler our DD is wearing long sleeves and jackets with bonnets. We can't go out anymore letting her wear flimsy clothes because I don't want her to catch colds.

This picture here on the side was taken during her appointment to her Nutritionist last Friday. I haven't had the chance of taking a picture outside the hospital before so I did on Friday.

Another fall look for our DD. Her favorite bonnet :-) and a stripes
long sleeves and brown corduroy pants. She is very playful now. She is also learning a lot of things. When I change her she knows to bring up her legs so I can pull up her pants and she don't complain when I change her. I love looking at baby clothes at the store because they are so cute. But I have to refrain from buying too much clothes because she grows fast and some she only wear one or two times and it will not fit her anymore.



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