Hep-Hep, Hurray!

If you are a Filipino and love to watch Wowowe you will know what my title is all about. Yes it is one of their opening game in the famous game show and our DD loves it very much. When the game is on she will be walking around the house doing the action of hep-hep which is two claps down and hurray raising two hands up. Before she was only watching at the game intently and smile but now she can do the action all the time. When I told my Mom she said she can't wait to see our DD. So everytime I called them back in Philippines I will put the phone in our DD's ear and my Mom will say hep-hep, hurray and she will do the action.

The pictures above I took one afternoon when we were watching TFC. She was doing her own hep-hep, hurray.



Mai said...

Cool..then she might also perhaps know Boom tarat tarat? LOL.

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