How do you punish your children? This is something that we have to be consistent about; on how to punish our child without hurting her physically, i.e. spanking. This afternoon while I was taking a shower hubby fed our DD. When I got off the shower I heard hubby telling her not to do it again. We don't know where she got it but if you tell her no and don't she will say 'beh' or 'bleh'.

She is being spiteful. When hubby said no she kept doing it again so hubby flecked her hand with his fingers but not hard. She looked at him and started crying. I look at them and didn't say anything. Her Daddy was telling her that it is bad and she should not do it. She really cried hard like her feelings were hurt. I didn't console her and just let her Daddy do the talking. When she did not stop crying her Daddy tell her 'i love you' and stop crying. She still cried.

Hubby picked her up and put her head in his shoulder rocking her telling her it's okay and he is not mad anymore. So she was only sobbing and I still did not interfere with them. When everything seemed okay that was the time I went to them and asked what happened. She was blabbing to me and Daddy told me the entire commotion; that she was just being punished.



Gvenrose said...

this is the hard part of being a mother i often hurt my son whenever he is bad. he is sometimes getting naughty and not listening on what i say. being a single mom is really hard, all the responsibility is on my shoulder. **sigh**

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