6 Random Things About Me: Tag

Tagged by Kristina at Mama Divas.

This tag is the 6 random things about me with 6 to pass the torch to.

* I am a frugal mama :-) I think it many times before I buy something especially if it's only a want.

* I don't like playing dolls and I did not own one ever since I was a kid. Now I am trying to introduce dolls to my daughter and I observed she don't like playing it.

* I like to stay at home rather than going out.

* I know how to play the guitar and I wish to become really good at it but I don't have practice anymore for over 10 years.

* I almost drown when I was 6 years old that it made me afraid to swim deeper than 5 ft.

* I was hit by a motorcycle when I was 5 years old and got my parents scared to death.

Passing this tag to those who want to disclose some random facts about them.



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