Stress Can Ruin a Diet

I read a very good article about the role of stress in one's eating habit. I strongly agree that if you feel a bit depressed on something or stressed out, you tend to turn to food for comfort. I can attest to it :-) I gave birth more than a year ago and there are times that I feel low; got overwhelmed with the responsibility, and even if I talked it over with my husband I am still craving for food. Although I did not gain much weight but I still have the ever stubborn belly fat. I really wanted to shed it off but it seemed so difficult to do so.

Then I came across this Flat Belly Diet to which I am so delighted to know. This is what I really need right now. Through the article that I read, it gave me an 'aha moment' realizing that my belly fat problem is due to my mood and my attitude that made me to turn towards food. When you are stressed your body system will be affected and our coping hormones will be released and affects our food cravings. If you can't address it right away, your stress will compound as well as you eat more and more storing fat in your belly.

This is what Flat Belly Diet is going to target. It will address the stress thereby taking your attention away from the source of ruining your diet. It encourages you to manage your stress properly, give you a step by step instruction to prepare your meal daily that can lead to a flatter belly. I am very excited about it. If you are like me who wants a flatter belly, you can buy the book and start a healthier life now.





Anonymous said...

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Lisa C. said...

This sounds really good..

BTW there's something for you at my site.. :)

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