MBT Footwear

Have you heard about MBT shoes? A footwear that gives positive effect not only by giving good posture but also stimulating your muscles even if you are only standing. These shoes are made with combination of quality materials and technology. Yes, technology. I have read this very interesting information about these shoes as;

"The key to MBT is its patented sole construction. the shank, Polyurethane midsole with its balancing area and the Masai Sensor create a soft surface similar to walking barefoot on a sandy beach or springy moss".

I can't believe there is such a shoe as this, but it is real and I wish I can have one of this :-) I have problem with my feet and leg when I am standing too long. I will get cramps easily and my joints are also in pain especially now that it's getting cold. If you want to know more about MBT shoes just visit this site footwearetc.com/mbt.



Yahaira said...

Nice post..! I got a pair of MBT shoes from Naturalizer.

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