She Got Colds

What could be pitiful to look at than watching your toddler having trouble sleeping because of colds. She has stuffy nose and she can't sleep through the night without waking every hour or so. She is fussing as a result of not being able to breathe when on her back. I have to elevate her head but the problem is she don't like having pillow on her head. She is used to sleeping without it ever since she was born. I am glad that having vick's vapor rub helps clearing her stuffy nose a little bit.

She got her colds from the sudden change of temperature. Her Daddy also has sniffles so she caught it from him I guess. I am glad that she did not have fever. Yesterday morning when she woke up and she was a little hot and was really fussy so I gave her medicine and it helped since she sweat out and she went back to sleep for a good number of hours. I really don't like her to get sick but I know I have to expect colds from time to time especially that it is cold already.



Shinade said...

oh I feel so bad for her. I have been really really sick for 3 weeks now.

And it all started with a cold.

Poor thing ...I know how she feels!!


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