Our DD's Daily Hygiene

When I was still pregnant with our daughter I was thumbing through a lot of pregnancy magazines and books. I was looking for things that I have to prepare for her coming. I also checked websites that will give me lists of different things that I needed to get like clothing, baby gears, baby necessities, hygiene stuff and the likes. I asked a friend about what hygiene stuff she's using for her baby and she mentioned Mustela. I checked about it and I learned that its products are hypoallergenic and alcohol free. So I bought these products below for our DD's daily hygiene as a test.

I love using it on her. Aside from its effectiveness in moisturizing my baby's skin, it also leaves a great smell. I am continuously using it until now. Since she was born I am using the no-rinse cleansing fluid and hydra lotion. I also keep in my purse the facial cleansing cloth to use every time we are out and about. The lotion works really well especially when your baby's skin starts to dries up. It moisturizes the skin and has a long lasting effect leaving your baby's skin silky-smooth. The first time I used it hubby was asking me if our DD was wearing any cologne. I told him no, I am using Mustela lotion on her. Now that she is a year old, I am using the Musti alcohol free fragrance to finish her pampering ritual of the day.

If you want to know more about these products you can check out the Mustela website. You can find a lot of valuable information from their site. Information such as, how to take care of our kids skin as well as post partum body care for ourselves. So to all Moms like me, check their site now and get tips and advices through their parent's corner.



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