Overwhelmed Moms

I was watching Oprah show yesterday and the episode talked about overwhelmed Moms. The guest of the show was a Mom who unintentionally left her toddler in the car for hours and died. We can ask how did it happen but accordingly it was a case of an overwhelmed Mom just totally forgot her daughter sound asleep on her carseat and she rushed off to her job. She was thinking she already dropped her daughter off to daycare.

Once we become mothers our responsibilities and tasks at home multiplies. Amidst all the tasks we are also sleep deprived all the time. These will consume our energy and triggers our mind to flat out and we forget things. This is something all Mom should take important action. Once we feel overwhelmed with all the tasks at hand it is advised that we need to get help.

I myself feel overwhelmed some times especially that I am not used to take care of everything by myself. I really tell my husband that I am tired and I need him to help me out. He is helping me out but we, Moms, still feel that we carry all the burden. I don't know why. As what my husband is telling me all the time that he is always there for me and I have to hold on to him if I feel I am falling down.



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