Our DD's Updated Bedroom

I have said in my other blogs that we did some updating in our DD's room. We already disposed of her crib and other baby gears leaving only the furniture like the changing table and cabinets for her clothes. Hubby bought a full size mattress with bed frames and I also bought the Disney Princess bedding sets and curtains. Now that she has her own big bed she is sleeping in her room every night and also at nap time. I am sleeping in there too since I can't leave her just yet. We are looking for a bed rail since the bed is kinda high. When she can sleep without waking through the night then I will stop sleeping in her room.



SHIELA said...

ter chada kaayo. as in :) ibog jud ani si nicola.

Signe said...

Very cute! Great room for a little girl.

Husain and saif said...

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Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Look at the big girl room! It is great!

Joeann said...

weee!!! I so like it. It inspires me to make up Johann's room. Kugihan kaayo ka te oi. keep it up!:)

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