Slightly Hot

Our DD woke up late this morning because she woke up around 3am. She was tossing and turning while in her bed. I noticed she was having some discomforts. When I touched her face she is kind of hot. I did not bother to take her temperature because the heater is on so maybe it is just the temperature in the room. She went back to sleep though but from time to time she moved. Because she sleep on and off she woke up around 11am.

After I fed her and changed her she is still hot a little bit but she is sweating. I really don't know if she has a slight fever or not. But when I checked her temperature it's normal. Maybe it is just the changing temperature here. I need to observe her, check her temperature from time to time and give her more fluids to cool her off and keep her hydrated. The least I want to happen is having a sick baby. As much as possible I don't want her to get sick :-)



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