Luxurious Hot Water Bottle

Now that cold season is here again we are taking out our thick clothing, jackets and even faux fur throws and blankets to keep us warm. I really don't like too much cold because I easily get the cold rashes. When my skin feels the coldness it will itch and if I scratch it the more it itches. Added to it is my so very dry skin and it is really very uncomfortable. This is why that right now even if it is still fall I already wear thick clothing. Wherever I go I bring something hot, like water in a bottle to drink and sometimes I will dampen my skin a little with hot water to prevent it from itching.

Since I am bringing hot water with me, I will need a new hot water bottle that can keep the water hot longer. I have seen this site,, that sells hot water bottle snuggled in a faux fur case, as seen in picture above. This creation is very fit for cold winter nights or travel. The faux fur cover of the rubber water bottle is very cosy and soft to the touch giving you the warmth as well. I didn't know that there is such a thing as this and I surely would love to have one for my own personal use. I have to ask my cousin who live in UK to check one out for me because it will definitely ease my discomfort with my winter rashes.



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